It all started with video of his dog playing fetch when Kris was 11-years old. This video helped him learn the fundamental skills to film documentaries, short films, and much more...

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Kris & Documentaries

The Creative Effect
(Inspire Creativity Inc.) 

Length:     10:27

Production Date:  09/2012

This is Kris's first documentary filmed during the summer of 2012. He visited schools in rural FuJian, China, introduced the students to aspects of American education and creative thinking, and documented his findings. 

Welcome to the Annual
REAP Trip!

Length:  5:50                      

Production Date: 10/2013

A year later in the summer of 2013, Kris joined Stanford University's Rural Education Action Program (REAP) as videographer. He filmed and edited this short film introducing their organization and annual China trip. 

DIY Optogenetics

Length: 9:40

Production Date: 08/2015

Ever wondered how to make your own wireless optogenetics platform? Kris's most recent video for Stanford's Electrical Engineering department shows you the steps to do so!

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Kris & Rural Education Action Program

Seeing is Learning

Length: 1:48                        

Production Date:  7/2014

From his footage in rural China, Kris filmed and edited this video about how the REAP team tested the vision of more than 30,000 children and passed out 10,000 pairs of glasses.

Perfecting Parenting

Length: 1:28

Production Date: 6/2015

Kris used his own footage and archived REAP footage for this film. REAP is studying how improved parenting practices affect child development.

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Kris & Yearbook Commercials

Now or Never

Length:   3:34

Date Published:    11/2013

There really are consequences to not buying a yearbook. Kris directs, edits, and even acts in this commercial. 

Three Minutes Passed

Length:    3:32

Date Published:   06/2014

Students call it "One Yearbook's most meaningful videos." New cinematography strategies are explored here. 

Interested in seeing more of Kris's edits for CAMS Yearbook? Click here.

Kris's younger films

Emberwise - You Know What's Good

Length:    1:45

Date Published:  02/2012

"California wild fire effects not only me but everybody..." As part of school project, Kris and his team developed a story line, filmed, and edited this video all as 9th graders. 

If you really have time...

Check out KrispieFilms, Kris's very first YouTube channel. Here, you'll find Kris in his primes. 

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