We teach THE ideas we've been learning about our whole lives,
but they've never heard of: the concepts of creativity.


Creativity in Everyone 

Many people believe that creativity is something reserved only for great people with great minds. What people fail to realize is that everyone is creative; people just need to learn how to unlock their creative potential. Everyone is born with the natural ability to be amazing, creative thinkers, but many people are scarcely given the opportunity to develop a creative mindset.

As the world grows more and more complicated, the need for creativity is on the rise. The goal of Inspire Creativity Incorporated is to unlock the creativity in students everywhere. By doing so, we unlock the problem-solving potential of many, creating a better world for everyone. 

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Real World Applications

Painting. Engineering. Even farming. There is creativity in everything. Creativity is constantly reshaping our world in unthinkable ways. Creativity allows people, ordinary, everyday people, to think with new perspectives and solve problems. As our problems grow in complexity, the need for innovative, effective solutions grows as well. The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves. With creativity, there are no such limits. 

Creativity Changes Everything



Children all over the world are exposed to vastly different schools and curriculum. While Western education provides students with many chances to think creatively, many other educational systems, such as those in Asia, do not offer similar opportunities. Students in these areas are trained to memorize and recite as opposed to question and challenge. This is unfortunate because practicing creativity is important for students who want to develop essential problem-solving skills.

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Technology is constantly changing. And in order for any company to stand out they need originality. Creativity is required to thrive in the current business environment because creativity allows companies to design, manufacture and distribute enticing products. Ingenuity is necessary for the invention and innovation that turn start-ups into household names. 



How many times have you heard that children are the future? The saying rings true; the students of yesterday are the engineers, scientists and senators of today. That is exactly why creativity is so important. The more creative students are now, the more inventive the solutions will be in the future. The world, much like everything in it, is subject to constant change. New problems spring up every day and we need people who can tackle these problems.

A Student Learns the Design Process


You are confined solely to the educational customs of your village. You are not aware of the world beyond your village.


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An ICI volunteer introduces creativity and teaches the design process to you and your peers. Your student body begins to value education in a new way. 


You spend more time expanding your creative thinking by taking action when a problem needs to be solved. You begin to share your ideas with others around you.

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You team up with your peers and create a design that could improve your village. You learn the importance of teamwork and accept constructive criticism. 


Your team presents the design to classmates with confidence and clarity. Learning about the design process has inspired students to resolve issues with a creative mindset.

Five Percent


Only five percent of high school graduates believe they are creative individuals. The other 95% are stuck believing that they don't have creativity and do not use creativity in their everyday lives.

However, this is not true; creativity is where we least expect it. It is important to remind students that almost everything they do has some element of creativity in itcooking with different ingredients, conversing about different topics, even driving somewhere using a different route. It is important for students to recognize that they are creative so that they are more willing to question, challenge, and solve.