Different students. Different minds. Different needs.

The quality of schools and curriculums all play a part in determining what initiatives are required to serve students well, but there’s a solution to everything - Inspiring Creativity. Our solutions are teaching (knowledge and thinking skills) and giving (motivation). 

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Instill the concept of creativity in minds to last a lifetime.

ICI staff have created the ‘Inspire Creativity’ curriculum that is taught to students. It’s composed of three sections that teach students the values of creative thinking and teamwork:

Part 1 - It all starts off with an intro western school life, to serve as a cultural exchange with students.

Part 2 - The students then learn about the definition of creativity and learn about the steps of the design process

Part 3 - Finally, we apply the learned skills with our Design Contest where design their own invention to solve a problem in their lives.

Donate tangible school materials that will motivate learning.

Without the correct learning materials, the students lack the basis to a strong education. With help from Matson shipping company, ICI is partaking in an ongoing project to donate a shipping crate full (20 ft by 8 ft by 8 ft) of school supplies to rural schools in Xiamen, China. 

The Curriculum Breakdown

The Curriculum Breakdown